Speaking of,

Is the democratic race for president turning into the running of the bulls?

I do my best to avoid radio news, I find it to be tedious and of course repetitive. In drive time it is built around capturing and re-capturing audiences that flip every thirty minutes or so. I, unfortunately, had to have an alarm set this morning and chose the radio rather than the infernal buzzing noise that is the alternative on most radio alarms.

I couldn’t help but focus my attention on one particular news bite that was alarming to me and should be to all who are interested in real change and innovative thinking from our leaders. The big news was that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are leading in a large majority of the polling in the Democratic race, this the “party of the young”. The combined ages of these two relics of the congress, senate, and vice presidency, is one hundred and fifty-three years old. These are the forebearers of the party imagined being capable of stirring the souls of the underrepresented youth and give them a platform that will make the country better for them and their children.

Please stop thinking that because Bernie comes up with ideas that will make almost everything free, or Joe, who is that uncle that you delighted in seeing at Thanksgiving because he may have slipped you a twenty at dinner when you were a teenager.

If the country has a chance to find someone with innovative ideas and the leadership ability to galvanize the country it is not going to come from one of two people whose combined age is almost four times the age that John F. Kennedy was when he took office.

Get the message, we get new ideas from new people, passionate about helping the country not maintaining the only job they have had for the past forty plus years. (I can talk about age because I am a card-carrying member of AARP)

I am reaching out to the youth of the country, for the parents that want a better life for their grown kids, and for my grandchildren, that are four and two. Please, shake-up your voting age kids, wake up the apathetic around you, demand candidates who have passion, humility, excitement, creativity, and energy, stop settling for good enough, it’s just not good enough for America.

Send the Bulls back to Pamplona!

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